Enercom shop · Biella

Shop surfacing with rubber flooring Screed

Enercom is one of the leading Italian private practices in the energy sector, with a 70-years history specialised in the market of electricity and natural gas.
The company puts a strong belief in physical shops scattered in the Italian territory, as a means to reach the large public. A choice recently confirmed with the unveiling of the new shop in Biella, designed by Matteo Villanova of Àrvico Interiors and Diego Collini of Studio Cinque A.

The main goal, according to Collini, was „to convey the image of a solid brand, with deep roots in the territory but at the same time innovative and welcoming. We designed a sort of technological skin to cover existing walls, a skin that creates niches and showcases. The final result is a ribbon, that embraces both the operators and the clients“.

„In addition – says Villanova – we aimed for modularity, in order to be able to recreate this solution in different places and different situations. The Biella shop is a starting point, but the project had to be repeatable. A clearly defined brand image that can be declined in different architectural contexts“.

Choosing the materials, the architects highlight „our search for sturdiness and resilience, to guarantee a certain durability“. The walking surface is our rubber flooring Screed, in the S04 Haze, for a total surface of 95 sqm. „The rubber flooring was installed on top of the original surface: rubber does not require removal or impairment of the existing assets, and that’s a plus because we could safeguard the past. Rubber floorings are ideal for big inflows, they are soft and easy to clean and, in perspective, easily removed whenever necessary“.


Photo credits Enercom