Rubber Flooring Manufacturer

High performance rubber surfaces, ideal for flooring of schools, offices, hospitals, museums, and indoor public spaces.

Material that stands out for its technical and functional qualities, a journey dedicated to experimentation and continued research, a company that has been continuously active for almost a century, new and increasingly high-performance solutions and aesthetic interpretations that are constantly evolving.

Rubber is the foundation of our entire business. It has been since 1962 when the Pirelli Group gave birth to Artigo, a division dedicated to the development of rubber flooring. In 1992 the company was acquired by Gruppo Mondo, a leader in rubber surfaces for the commercial and athletic sectors. Gruppo Mondo was able to rapidly develop the rubber flooring market with the use of advanced technologies and the fundamental addition of specific skills and extensive experience.

Today the Cairo Montenotte (Savona) facility manufactures high performance surfaces that are perfect for application in schools, hospitals, public spaces, and various other types of locations. The process always begins with rubber, natural or synthetic, a raw material that has few equals in terms of its fundamental durability and elasticity, and is able to increase its own technical performance through evolved manufacturing processes that perfect its characteristics. Mineral fillers, natural pigments, and vulcanisation accelerators are added to the rubber in the proper doses according to the specific product to be created. The mixing is an important moment, one that is fundamental in determining the right consistency of the material as well as for ensuring a uniform colour distribution. Raw rubber, left to cool and cut into festoons, immediately assumes an elastic appearance, even if derived from a shape that is still course and unrefined. The mixture is then sent to the production line to begin the process which results in the creation of rubber sheets between 2 and 5 mm thick. After the calendering, which determines the precise thickness of the floor, the material undergoes the vulcanisation process, moving continuously between metal cylinders at high temperatures. What is produced is one continuous and perfectly flat strip, a surface with no irregularities, variations in thickness, or structural defects.

The superficial effects and textures which are distinctive traits of certain collections are created by the specific surfaces of the cylinders or by prints that, when pressed on, determine the design and the desired finish. Innovative solutions, also at the aesthetic and formal level, which are the product of an open dialogue with planners and designers, some quite well-known such as Ponti, Mollino, or Albini, the creator of one of the company’s best-sellers, the “bubble” of the Milanese metro. The meeting and subsequent collaboration with Sottsass Associati undoubtedly marked a turning point in Artigo’s recent history. Certain products were created which have today become reference points in the company’s extensive catalogue, such as Kayar: a complicated project because it not only involves the surface of the floor, but the actual structure of the material as well, the mixture of which uses coconut fibres that are broken up during mixing and randomly distributed to give the surface a natural look. Or like Zero4, a modern reinterpretation of the bubble offered by Sottsass, which features a seemingly random arrangement of bubbles of varying sizes.

One of the company’s newest products, featuring a natural and very modern aesthetic, is Screed, created from a composition of renewable materials. Thanks to
a unique manual processing stage, Screed has a smooth surface featuring a spatula effect which exalts the imperfections typical of artisan craftsmanship. A highly ecological product, made of natural rubber, fibres, and vegetable oils guarantee high
technical performance in terms of resistance, durability, and elasticity, while respecting the environment.

Complete aesthetic and design solutions, accompanied by unique technical and functional characteristics: surfaces that do not contain pvc, heavy metals, halogens, or volatile plasticizers and which ensure a reduction in emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds). As proof of our commitment to the environment,
we have received several important international certifications following inspections of our entire manufacturing cycle, from the selection of raw materials to the monitoring of emissions, which qualify our floors according to the LEED and BREEAM environmental building parameters.

Artigo guarantees the use of antibacterial and hygienic materials in order
to further protect every kind of space. Functional characteristics like lightness, reduced thickness, speed of installation, ease of maintenance, and the option of covering pre-existing floors make this an excellent solution for the renovation of existing buildings. Floors that adhere to international regulations in terms of fire resistance, guaranteeing low opacity and smoke toxicity in the event of fire. Furthermore, the application of PRO and TXL surface treatments at the end of the manufacturing process allow for greater resistance, thus significantly reducing handling costs. Lastly, Artigo floors also improve the overall performance characteristics of a space at the acoustic level, with up to a 20 db reduction in noise level due to foot traffic.

An overall package of exclusive qualities that today make Artigo a reliable, dynamic, and sustainable partner for any contemporary architectural project requiring a solution that brings together resistance, flexibility, and durability, but which is
also expressive, beautifully tasteful, and represents excellence and passion. Solutions that don’t merely provide an effective answer to the practical requirements of a project, but which also provide great aesthetic value, helping to make a space pleasing, welcoming, and liveable.