Årstad videregående skole - Bergen

School surfacing with rubber flooring Granito.

A white, translucent cube of polycarbonate, glowing with colors at night, welcomes the students of this vocational school.

With courses in design, art, cooking as well as hairdressing, healthcare and electronics, Årstad offers a wide choice of possible futures for the young people of Bergen.

The institution today is a merger of two former schools, with a history going back as far as 1883. An important tradition that got a new, renovated building in 2016 designed by Origo Architect Group that encompasses a library, an auditorium and sports features. Today the school has a total surface of 36000 sqm and is attended by 1150 students.

For this project we provided almost 2000 sqm of our own Granito flooring: the main stairway at the entrance shines in bright orange, welcoming the students and firing up their creativity for another school day.