Bibliotheque de la faculte d’Assas – Parigi, France

University library surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Multifloor Nd Uni.

Established in 1970 as a direct successor to the 700 years old University of Paris, the faculty of Panthéon-Assas University has produced so far two Presidents, four Prime Ministers and a large number of jurists and politicians. The Library of the Faculty, located in Rue d’Assas, retains all the features of such an illustrious place of knowledge: silence, focus, solemnity, and yet a sense of community, a feeling of collective experience. It’s a place open 67 hours every week, where people can meet, browse through the 15000 books on loan, study, socialize and feel integral part of a past that reverberates into the present.In a project of this scope, striking aesthetics must go hand in hand with the other “musts” of contemporary architecture: ecology, recyclability, proven commitment to a sustainable building approach.