Ebenholz Primary School · Vaduz

School rubber surfacing with smooth flooring Granito

The Ebony Primary School is one of the two primary schools in the municipality of Vaduz and is located near the University of Liechtenstein.
In the words of architect Carlos Martinez, it is “a terrace-like ensemble of buildings from different eras and types of use, which are grouped around a central playground”.

Throughout the project, a sense of identity is the left-motifs. Between old and new, the contemporary blocks support the ensemble and are subordinate to the height of the old school building.

Each building is accessed via the school square and is connected to each other. The entire class wing is expanded horizontally and reacts flexibly to future teaching and learning methods: it can be divided up differently or used as an open learning landscape.

Our rubber flooring Granito in the G368 color was chosen for the corridors and the classes, for a total surface of more than 2000sqm.


Carlos Martinez Architekten

Photos Faruk Pinjo