Hera Offices – Ferrara, Italia

Office surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Multifloor Nd/Uni U20.

Hera is a multi-utility operating in Italy since 2002, combining public service companies into a “true public service industry”. The group is a leader in environmental, water and energy services, with over 8500 employees.

The new offices in the city of Ferrara, headquarters of the Innovation and Development group, were designed by MD Next City Lab who chose our own Nd/Uni U20 for the floors of what has been conceived as a hub for innovation, technology and the development of new models of energy distribution.

Shared knowledge is the keyword, and the design of the spaces conforms to this mindset with a central open space, where free-to-use workstations and a small kitchen encourage a more informal working method.

Transparency is another quality of the project, with meeting rooms and more private offices are defined, but not separated, by glass walls. In a dynamic space with a vocation for sustainability, natural rubber proves to be the perfect choice for the floorings, creating a very comfortable working experience both visually, thanks to it neutral tones, and functionally, guaranteeing the best noise reduction due to treading.