Médiathèque L’Echo – Paris

Audiovisual library rubber surfacing with smooth flooring Multifloor Nd Uni.

“A media library does not have the rigor of a simple library. Its appearance is more open and can express a more spectacular image. In other words, this building can and must generate desire”.

In the words of designers Karine Herman & Jérôme Sigwalt of K-architects, L’Echo is more than your typical neighborhood “mediateque”, combining a strong sense of mission and commitment to knowledge with a contemporary approach to sharing and “consuming” culture.

An iconic presence (thanks to its “rosso Ferrari” facade) in the commune of Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, just south of Paris, it is a place that invites curiosity, discovery and exploration, while at the same time retaining an “easy” style, allowing all visitors, young and grown-ups, to relax, sit back and just feel free to browse through books, magazines, music and movies.

Compliant to its mission, the mediateque proposes a full and varied calendar of events, recommendations, activities and reviews, establishing itself as a beacon of “good” culture for the people of the commune: vibrant, alive, friendly.

There may be a lot of walls to tear down when it comes to ensuring the fruition and the enjoinment of culture in nowadays world: the reclusive, self-referential notion of serious culture allegedly opposed to popular (or pop) culture has to go, and this project in Paris, where we supplied our classic solid-colour Nd/Uni, is certainly a very good start.

Photo credits Fabrice Dunou