LOGIN co-working

Milano / Saluzzo / Mondovì

Co-working office surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

Login in Milan is a co-working space of 1450 sqm, housed in an old foundry in the northern Gorla neighbourhood. The renovation project, helmed by Torricelli Associati architects, is not just about sharing working spaces, but is mostly a “gathering space” for synergies and collaborations between the people that share the space.
The project developed following the traces of the new internal “paths” that define the interiors, punctuated by “folies” made of recycled wood that dictate the directions between the collective areas and the smaller spaces dedicated to individual work.

The architects say: “In the Gorla co-working we tried to replicate a sort of urban theatricality: the subdivisions between spaces, their hierarchy and the connective paths are inspired by the city. Transitional spaces lead users between collective areas, while minor paths lead to the individual areas”.

These connective corridors are made with our Nd/Uni rubber flooring in acid green U107 color: a bold color scheme that helps user in following directions and fits perfectly with the “folies” made of recycled wood scraps.

The concept has been developed in other Italian cities as well, in franchise spaces that are at once shops and co-working spaces. The color scheme of the floors follows the brand image, with Nd/Uni in yellow U108 and black U00.

“We are experimenting all the different interactions between individual and collective spheres here” go on the architects of Torricelli Associati.
The project takes into account all the changes in the working process in the digital age. Login is like a mirror of these changes, reflecting the development of virtual networks between professionals, as well as the saturation of virtual spaces, making physical interactions, where people gather and work together, a must.

“These are places of duality, where work and production are weaved together. In the near future, they will overcome duality and become multiple, involving dwelling as well”.


Photos Milano: Stefano Topuntoli