LPO Arkitekter Headquarters Oslo

Office surfacing with rubber flooring ND/UNI

Located in central Oslo, LPO Architects  is today one of the country’s leading architectural offices, with 79 employees and 59 partners.

Established in 1984, the firm handles complex projects in plan, architecture and transformation at all levels from opportunity studies, engineering and follow-up to finished buildings.

“As an engaged social actor, we strive to create good, comprehensive solutions for users and society as a whole, where sustainability and innovation are respected” says CEO and co-founder Lars Haukeland.  In their own Oslo Headquarters, an accomplished match of post-industrial space and modern office design, LPO has chosen our Nd/Uni in the U54 color for a total surface of 1400 sqm.

The creative flair, the spark, reverberates from the meeting room to each individual workpost.