Psychiatric hospital – Vejle

Hospital surfacing with rubber flooring Granito

This brand-new, 17000 sqm psychiatric hospital consists of 8 cluster houses organized around a central body.

Surrounded by green, “the landscape is drawn completely between the buildings and into the attractive courtyards” says architect Wilhelm Berner-Nielsen of Arkitema Architects. The color scheme and art direction are directed by artist Signe Guttormsen.

Our contribution to the project comes with our Granito flooring in three colors: G367, G308 and G336, for a total surface of nearly 15000 sqm.

The “closed ring” concept brings together all the functions of the hospital, ensuring an open and transparent building. From the foyer, the visitors can head off in multiple directions.

At every point there are views of the inner courtyard, which is perfect for taking time out in secure surroundings. The strong connection between the inside and outside also means there is a good and interesting play of daylight.