Royal Library – Copenhagen, Danimarca

Library surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Multifloor Nd Uni.

Founded in 1479, the Faculty of Humanities of the Københavns Universitet is one of the oldest in Northern Europe. A cultural landmark of great importance, with over 12,000 students and 50 graduate courses, which in 2008 saw the completion of its new headquarters at the Amager campus in the south of Copenhagen. Designed by Dissing+Weitling with the aim to “create optimal spaces for human activities”, the Kongelige Bibliotek is designed to be both a place of study and historical archive. A broad architecture, with 500 reading stations and a total of 73 km of shelving, marked by an actual path that starts from areas devoted to socialisation, such as the cafeteria, rising gradually to the spaces dedicated to individual studies, in which it was possible to ensure maximum silence thanks to the Artigo rubber flooring.