Sandro Pertini secondary school - Alba

School rubber surfacing with smooth flooring Granito

Secondary school “Sandro Pertini” is a landmark in the city of Alba, and since 2019 has been operating in a new building that ensures the best comfort and safety to the alumni, while setting an example in terms of sustainable architecture.

The building is actually self-sufficient, with electricity coming from solar panels and heating pumps and a smart, sensor-based system that handles illumination.

The school is home to 300 kids and features many labs, including a music room, as well as a homeroom with 150 seats. The building makes extensive use of our rubber flooring Granito (in three colors G371 – G431 – G473) in the corridors, classes and the auditorium as well, for a total surface of 3000 sqm.


photo credits Camilla Giacometti