Schulsprenger – Lana

school surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

The analysis of this refurbishment project highlights, in many ways, the evolution of the concept of school, both as an architectural object and as a functioning entity.

Whereas in the “old days” the distinction between class and corridor was rigid and purely functional, today the experience of entering the school and moving through it every day, “the mood”, the feeling, is a fundamental aspect of the design.

“A particular concern was the creation of an attractive entrance situation, which extends from access in the north to the spacious staircase in the existing south wing and touches the courtyard” explain Architects Kerschbaumer and Pichler.

The concept of “Flexible Classrooms” was widely adopted. “The school’s orientation today has been implemented according to new pedagogical concepts. In the classroom, the break-up of the linear corridor was essential: the creation of the learning workshops is greatly appreciated,as well as the redivision of the classes with alternative spaces in between”.

For this project we contributed our own Nd/Uni rubber flooring in several colors: U107, U106, U27, U11, U99, U105, U108 for a total surface of more than 4700 sqm.