Vodafone Village – Milano, Italia

Nursery and playground surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Kayar.

Artigo is once again proudly involved in the interiors of an important architectural building, fully characterized by green solutions: the Vodafone Village in Milan. It’s an estate of three buildings, 14, 12 and 10-storeyed and a fourth one meant as a common space. The three main bodies, featuring entirely curtain wall fronts, overlook on a piazza, creating a sort of modern “village” inspired by the oldest Italian architectural tradition yet based on cutting-edge technologies.The impressive structure of 67.000 square meters, created to accommodate about 3.000 employees – has quite a few solutions designed to improve its sustainability which halve the environmental impact. The Village costed over 300 million Euros and it is the leading investment in real estate by Vodafone worldwide.