Antistatic Flooring

Artigo flooring prevents electrical charges from building up on the surface. Static charges are dissipated by increasing the electrical conductivity of the rubber. Antistatic flooring is capable of dissipating static electrical charges that build up during industrial operations, providing protection from ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) events.

Artigo flooring allows for electrostatic charges to be removed through grounding, avoiding issues of electrical interference with sensitive electronic equipment. This helps avoid the dangerous build-up of electrostatic charges, which generate sparks that can increase the risk of explosions.
Avoiding the build-up of electrostatic charges on flooring is a necessity in several sectors. Electronic equipment and components are, in fact, very sensitive to electrostatic fields and discharges that may cause interference or even physically damage components.
Antistatic flooring is recommended in all areas where high precision electronic machinery is used, such as in Hospitals (operating rooms, facilities for the distribution of medicinal gases, sterile areas), businesses that specialise in electronics and electrical engineering, data centres, pharmaceutical companies, businesses that produce or stock flammable or explosive materials, etc.
Rapid laying, excellent adhesion to the substrate, easy cleaning, limited thickness and impermeability are some of the sought-after features.