Loose lay rubber flooring

The ideal solution for anyone who wants to renovate an environment without compromising on quality, cleanliness and easy laying. This is a variation on classic interlocking and self-stick systems and is particularly widespread in business and professional settings. The tiles used for this type of flooring are, in fact, sturdy and suitable for high-traffic areas. The flooring consists of interlocking tiles that make use of special locking mechanisms.

Loose lay rubber flooring is an excellent and highly recommended alternative to the better known self-stick and interlocking systems, thanks to it resistance to wear and tear. It offers the advantage of being suited to both commercial and residential or even professional settings, which means it can be used just about anywhere. It’s non-slip, anti-fatigue, cushioned flooring that can blunt accidental falls.
Easy and versatile laying, an appealing finish and resistance to distributed and concentrated loads, make it the ideal flooring solution for exhibition spaces, exhibits, trade show stands, showrooms, temporary shops, historic buildings and museum displays (safeguarding precious antique surfaces) and in any other service-oriented, commercial or residential setting.