Plansystem / Smooth rubber flooring

Smooth Rubber Floor Systems. Rubber is one of the best materials for a final surface that needs to form a single seamless unit. Artigo’s manufacturing technology creates smooth rubber surfaces of large sizes (provided as rolls at least 10 m long), thereby minimising the need for seams. A perfectly flat surface with as few seams as possible is crucial in places where hygiene is particularly important, like hospitals and nurseries.

Importance of a smooth surface

Why is a smooth surface so important? The smoother the surface, the more hygienic and easier to clean it is.

  • The surface of Artigo smooth rubber flooring is not porous, which means it doesn’t offer spaces for bacteria to multiply.
  • Since it doesn’t contain plasticisers, Artigo smooth rubber flooring is not affected by shrinkage, which would cause the seams to open.
  • Every smooth rubber surface we produce has bacteriostatic properties.
  • Artigo smooth flooring doesn’t require waxing since it is already equipped with its own surface finish, which reduces the cost of maintenance.
  • Reduced emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Great freedom in combining colours and patterns.