Flooring for Kindergartens

Rubber flooring for kindergartens and nursery schools. The way children, especially younger children, use and experience their surroundings is very different from the way adults do. The architecture of a kindergarten or nursery must account for the unique perspective of children in order to achieve ultimate safety while crafting a setting that is enjoyable, playful and a wellspring of positive sensations.

Children are stimulated as they experience their environment through play and movement: The elasticity and variety of colours afforded by Artigo rubber flooring are precious allies and simplify the designer’s mission to create surroundings that are beneficial for a child’s first experiences in learning and play.

In kindergartens and nursery schools, children often come into close contact with flooring: Guaranteeing absolute hygiene is therefore crucial, which is why Artigo flooring for kindergartens and nursery schools is naturally bacteriostatic.


Artigo rubber flooring for nurseries allows for every possible combination of colours (including joints and shapes created with water-jet technology) to provide schools and other buildings with a welcoming atmosphere, starting from the entrance and continuing into the hallways and classrooms. The architecture itself needs to offer energy and motivation.

Advantages of rubber flooring for nurseries

  • Creates surroundings with pleasant textures and colours.
  • Reduces the sound of footsteps, especially in hallways and shared spaces.
  • Slip resistance.
  • Walking comfort.
  • Good internal air quality, thanks to very low emissions.
  • Easy and quick every-day cleaning.
  • Saves on water, energy and detergents.
  • Warm flooring with thermal conductivity superior to that of ceramic flooring.
  • Thin, lightweight flooring, very suitable for renovations.