Rubber floorings in the design of


Giving character to a workplace, making it unique, assuring the best comfort and contributing to productivity: how rubber surfaces are a fundamental feature in office design.

What makes a good office design today? Which factors should an architect take into account when planning a new workspace or refurbishing an existing one?

Through all these different requirements, Artigo rubber floorings offer tested and valid solutions.

If you are looking for an hygienic, resilient, good looking and easy-to-clean flooring for an office, Artigo can be the answer!

Internal Air Quality

A collaborative study in 2015 discovered that people who work in good IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) conditions have significantly higher cognitive function scores when responding to a crisis or developing a strategy.

Twenty-four participants including architects, designers, programmers, engineers, creative marketing professionals, and managers worked in a controlled office environment at Syracuse University.

Cognitive performance scores for the participants who worked in the green environment would on average double those of the participants who worked in conventional environments.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, most Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors and many spend most of their working hours in an office environment. Improved indoor air quality can result in higher productivity and fewer lost work days.

According to German Blue Angel and US Greenguard certifications, rubber floorings emit very few pollutants to the indoor air and, thus, do not affect the health of the inhabitants.

Noise Reduction

In a workplace silence and focus are important qualities. Artigo acoustic rubber floorings represent a valid solution for entrances, corridors and other heavily-trafficked or common areas.

Our acoustic floorings ensure a reduction of noise due to treading up to 21 dB.

Reference standard EN ISO 10140-1: 2016 – EN ISO 10140-3:2010 – EN ISO 717-2:2013. Certified by CSI, test report 0041/DC/ACU/18_2 date 08/06/2018. Also certified by Cofrac/CSTB for noise reduction 18 dB.

Artigo floorings are compliant to the most important environmental certifications both in Europe (Blue Angel in Germany, M1 in Finland) and America (Greenguard Gold).

Artigo floorings represent a real contribution to healthier environments in public buildings and qualify for LEED and BREEAM credits for green buildings.

Easy cleaning

Rubber floorings can easily be cleaned with professional products, as a part of any workplace cleaning measures.

The exclusive surface treatments PRO and TXL guarantee an even better resistance to soiling, considerably reducing the level of detergents, water and energy required for maintenance.

· PRO: surface treatment utilising the latest generation UV linked polymeric coating technology. The coating protects the surface and improves performance.

· TXL: Post vulcanization treatment that achieves a higher surface density whilst increasing surface resistance to dirt and scratches.


Rubber is the anti-slipping material by definition: Artigo floorings are classified R9 (Lava collection is R10) according to DIN 51130, determination of anti-slip properties.

Loose lay floorings

Loose lay floorings have been introduced to reduce installation time and to allow access to utilities under the raised access panels, to reach connection cables, telephone and electrical lines. LL versions of the Nd/Uni and Kayar collections (both in 8 colors), 5 mm thick, are available to ensure a wide range of aesthetic solutions.