Introducing Silky Matt, the new
low reflective, matt surface treatment.

Our Nd Uni and Kayar rubber flooring collections are now available in Silky Matt (PRO 2)  finish. The result of a painstaking research, Silky Matt (PRO 2) consists of a Dual Tech coating (UV+Laser) that gives the rubber surface a new, satined and sophisticated look, while also making it even more impervious to dirt and chemicals.

The new Silky Matt (PRO2) [left] vs the standard PRO glossy finish [right]

Advantages of Silky Matt treatment

  • Excellent resistance to stains and chemical agents
  • High protection against dirt and scratches
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Excellent economic impact on lifecycle cost
  • Friendly and contemporary look
  • Low reflection enhancing the visibility pattern  and the perception of color
  • Reduces the visibility of imperfections in the subfloor

Same color, different perception. The new Silky Matt (PRO2) as opposed to the standard PRO glossy finish