Chromatic Games

The new kindergarden of the City of Frascati has been designed according to advanced educational criteria. The efforts resulted in an environment in which all elements are drawing children’s curiosity and stimulating them to be active while the spaces, internal and external, are designed for the wellbeing of children and adults. Currently it houses 60 children, and it features three laboratories and common areas for playing and meeting. The kindergarden, almost entirely in one single floor, is built around an open space with an open patio overlooking the garden. The roof is covered by solar panels for the production of both hot water and electricity. All the materials and the construction elements have been chosen and designed to achieve a feel of warmth and to stimulate interest and playful thinking. The colours are arranged in a minimal way just enough to define the spaces without over-saturating them. The architects in charge for this design have been engaged for years in the research and development of such services and for such a simple although so varied concept, functional but with the use of several colours, they decided to choose our Kayar as a flooring, thanks to the minimal but natural look. Rubber flooring gives the opportunity to get continuous surfaces, warm, non-slippery, with a minimum of softness suitable for the use by small children. Kayar, in particular, has been chosen because of the natural fibers interspersed in it, giving to rubber a hint of intrinsic materic character. The choice of colours was dictated by the wish to create a light and colour-neutral floor that could work as a proper background to the strong colours brought into the picture by the children, by their drawings, games and equipment. In the square and in the common areas the color K73 was installed and it matches very well with the internal partitions. In the laboratories for special activities the warm grey K54 was used. Besides the typical and outstanding performances of rubber flooring, Kayar meets the requirements of the German protocol AgBB, the Blue Angel and the GREENGUARD GOLD Certification which includes safety factors to account for sensitive individuals and, in addition to limiting emissions of over 360 VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), requires to comply with requirements of the California Section 01350 ensuring maximum safety for users of the premises in which it is installed. Kayar is one of the Artigo products with a certified EPD. The Environmental Product Declaration is important to encourage the use of products and materials for which life-cycle information is available and that have environmentally, economically, and socially preferable life-cycle impacts.