Artigo moodboards

#3: Brown

They say every good project starts with a moodboard: a way to give physical presence to the feelings, the subtleties, the goals every designer has in their minds. Putting down materials, finishings and inspirations on a table; creating a contact, a relationship, a strong bond or an even stronger contrast. The moodboard is a roadmap, a canvas, a tactile reference point and even „a bridge“ between the designer and the client. In this new series, we will explore the potentials of the Artigo collection in helping define moods, styles and visions.

The aesthetic potential of the marble-effect rubber flooring has so far only been scratched, as this palette demonstrates.

Natura can provide astonishingly modern solutions: works terribly well with textiles, leather and natural fibers, as well as chromed metal and high-tech equipments.

Vintage yet timeless, you can even imagine a pairing with titanium!⁣

The rubber flooring with a concrete look, in the warm white S02 Antique shade.

A great choice for modern design offices going for a „green“ and eco-look, working both with strong contrasts (antique wood, textile carpets) and with technical materials like anodised aluminium and bronzed glass.⁣

The real fashionista of rubber floorings: Lava is highly tactile and elegant and gives the best in ton-sur-ton designs.

Exploring for example the brown palette, we can think of an office or a store with brown lacquered walls, black aluminium fixtures, brown wool carpets and Lava as the foundation of it all!⁣