It was around 1967 when architect Lina Bo Bardi was photographed by Lew Parrela on the construction site of the São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) while testing the glass-and-concrete exhibitor (for a Van Gogh!) she had designed for the galleries. 

„The paintings“ will write later David Langdon „were strikingly mounted on glass panels, grounded in heavy concrete blocks, appearing to float in the air and mimicking the floating form of the building“. 

The workers of the site – used to Bo Bardi’s presence, she was always there – stopped and posed behind her, with ill-concealed pride. 

Art, architecture, design and work, all in a single picture: that is why we love it so much and decided to give it our own „special“ spin, using Kayar and Screed palettes, to celebrate the Special Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in memoriam awarded by Biennale Architettura 2021.

Biennale curator Hashim Sarkis says about the award: „Lina Bo Bardi’s career as a designer, editor, curator, and activist reminds us of the role of the architect as convener and importantly, as the builder of collective visions. […] Above all, it is her powerful buildings that stand out in their design and in the way that they bring architecture, nature, living, and community together“.