Kindergarten · Spino d'Adda

Kindergarten rubber surfacing with smooth flooring Nd/Uni

The kindergarten in the city of Spino d’Adda is designed by studio Settanta7 and follows the philosophy of the Montessori method of education, emphasizing independence, seeing children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of learning in a supportive and well-prepared learning environment („Help me do it alone“).

The building is designed to follow the new dynamics of education, with a flexible layout where all subdivisions have been erased.
A series of cubes, with different finishings, marks the exterior, while large windows create an interaction between inside and outside.

In a recent interview, Architect Daniele Rangone said: „For us, designing in a sustainable way means striking a balance between all the different meanings of the word: considering sustainability as environmental, economical and social“. In this perspective, the choice of our rubber flooring was a given, counting the features of safety, performance and LEED credits they guarantee. The chosen floor was our Nd/Uni in the U107 and U129 colors, for a total surface of 500 sqm.


photo credits Fabio Bascetta