Centre dentaire CPAM · Paris

Dental clinic surfacing with rubber flooring Kayar

This project in Paris groups 3 dental centres of the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) in a single entity, totalling 9 dental offices, surgery areas and offices.

The design, curated by architects Behar et Ferenczi, is based on a succession of “coloured boxes” in pastel shades, which form the waiting areas.

The reception area asserts its function of focal point of the common area, positioned at the articulation of the entrance, the general waiting hall and the traffic.

Glass partitions, luminous lines, interplay of transparencies and reflections lead the light to the heart of the plateau, to provide a soft and reassuring atmosphere.

For a project based on delicate colors, the ideal complement was found in our own Kayar rubber flooring, both standard (585 sqm) and LL versions (300 sqm) in the shades K73, K64, K49.

photo credits Jean-Baptiste Rebeyrotte