Näsbyparkskolan · Täby · Sweden

School rubber surfacing with smooth floorings Kayar and Grain

Näsbyparksskolan is a 2-9 school that strives to provide all students with a stimulating and developing school environment.

The school building went over a complete renovation in 2015, in order to adapt the structure to contemporary education systems. A joyful school environment required a creative design, provided by Cedervall Arkitekts.

The atrium has become the central part of the school, erasing the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, with a lot of glass “cubes” overlooking the open space, that can transform from a cafeteria to a meeting room.

Throughout the school our rubber flooring was intensely used: Kayar (K64 – K71 – K21 – K73 – K72 – K74) for a total surface of 1560 sqm and Grain in the yellow HG105 color.


Photo credits Eric Claesson