Roosevelt Senior High – Washington DC

school surfacing with rubber flooring Kayar

The Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in Washington, D.C. was originally built in 1932. Fully renovated in 2016, the structure was  stripped to its shell and rebuilt.  The completely new building has brought the school’s original features back to life. 

“The project is a modernization of a historic high school” says Sean O’Donnell, architect and principal-in-charge. “In many ways, we are renewing the historic and civic aspects of the building including reopening the front door and rebuilding the cupola. At the heart of the school, we created a great atrium in the central courtyard of the building”. One method of providing clear wayfinding in the large complex was the installation of Mondo’s Kayar rubber flooring, designed by Sottsass Associati. The flooring has different colors and patterns, to help key into the color palette zoning. Kayar was used in the science and autism classrooms with a color scheme that has grey on the rear floor area and red in the front of the room.

Although State regulations for any public-funded facility require architects and builders to build to LEED Gold, the Roosevelt School goes the extra mile, anticipating a LEED Platinum finish.