Weil Cornell Medicine

healthcare surfacing with Grain rubber flooring

Weill Cornell Medicine has outfitted two floors of primary care outpatient clinics, one pediatric and one adult, at its facility in Brooklyn, N.Y. designed by E4H Environments.

The pediatric care unit is the largest outpatient program offered by the firm, providing children care through checkups, visits, vaccinations and screening tests while also offering mental health support.

The clinic has a soothing and modern design that also manages to create a visually interesting healthcare environment. The flooring plays a great role with touches of color added in the reception and hallway flooring that provide a vibrant contrast indicating the path patients take when they come in.

The circles marking the doors with waterjet-cut numbers in the flooring further help to guide patients and parents to the right rooms. Such wayfinding elements display how a great design can efficiently and positively influence the patient’s experience.

For this project Artigo contributed a total of more than 400 sqm of Grain rubber flooring.


Photographer: Joan Michel