For years, we have dedicated our research to the pursuit of more sustainable materials, striving to incorporate recycled and bio-based or renewable content that aligns with our environmental goals.

GAIA is a version of our products.
A sourcing methodology and the result of an eco-design working method that consists of substituting some ingredients with more sustainable equivalents. By utilizing this approach, we prioritize materials that have lower environmental impacts. 

GAIA is currently available as a standard for our 3 mm Uni and Kayar rubber flooring.

Our other products can be manufactured in GAIA version upon request.

Specialty flooring like BS, Ant48 and X-Elastic are not currently available in the GAIA version.


GAIA offers on average

a 60% reduction

of Cradle to Gate GWP

(Compared to before our Eco-Design intervention)

GAIA is based on five main innovations

Bio-attributed Rubber

Rubber largely produced using bio-based oils coming from plants or seeds. By utilizing it  we reduced our dependence on non-renewable resources minimizing environmental impact.

Silica obtained from rice husks

Rice husks are a by-product of rice cultivation, usually discarded as waste. Repurposing this rapidly renewable material has no effect whatsoever on the food chain and we manage to get a substantial reduction in the need for resource-intensive extraction processes, typical of traditional silica.

Recycled calcium carbonate

Derived from Carrara white marble waste/scrap powders. This integration not only gives new life to a by-product but also reduces the need for virgin calcium carbonate extraction.

New bottom layer 

Our new bottom layer is free of added pigments. It’s an “invisible” innovation since you won’t see it in the installed product, but pigments, although in small quantity, are responsible for a high percentage of GWP.

Recycling our own waste material

We incorporate into our flooring different kinds of wastes, pre- and post-processed: raw compounds; grinded off-cuts and trimmings; raw and cured powders. 

We've been doing it right for a long time

Our premium rubber flooring has consistently utilised our unique double layer Dual D Technology, where the end result consists of two distinct layers molecularly bonded together, each designed for specific performance attributes. This innovation has emerged as the cornerstone of our sustainability efforts.

With Dual D Technology, we seamlessly integrate two layers of flooring, each with its unique properties, including: 
• The top layer, ensuring durability and effortless cleaning.
• The bottom layer, providing cushioning and acoustic benefits.

We are the only company having developed this technology, making our flooring unique!

In the new scenarios related to the increased importance of sustainability, our persistence in pursuing this technology has led us today to a huge competitive advantage. Recycling internal and, in the future, external waste is easier and without compromising on performance.

The bottom-layer allows us to incorporate additional and varied recycled content, into our products.

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