A Gallery of HALLWAYS

“Life is no straight and easy corridor” wrote A. J. Cronin, and even more so when we are talking architecture. Can the hallway become a living, breathing element in the design of a building, and not just that “necessary tool” that links the rooms together? Can it be a feature of distinction? Can it contribute to the style? Enjoy this exploration of some of our best corridors, where architects all around the world made the best use of the colours and textures of our rubber floorings.

SLCC Community College · Westpoint

RIPE NCC offices · Amsterdam

Kalasatama school · Helsinki

LENNE offices · Tallin

SIAE offices · Rome

Nemours Children’s Hospital · Orlando

Children’s Hospital · Warsaw

Topsport school · Antwerp


The limited number of seams and the smooth surface makes our flooring easy to clean and sanitise. The practically monolithic surfaces created help avoid the contamination and proliferation of harmful bacteria.

Our rubber flooring has a non-porous surface, which means it doesn’t offer spaces for bacteria to multiply.


Artigo acoustic rubber floorings represent a valid solution for entrances, corridors and other heavily-trafficked or common areas.

Our acoustic floorings ensure a reduction of noise due to treading up to 21 dB.

Reference standard EN ISO 10140-1: 2016 – EN ISO 10140-3:2010 – EN ISO 717-2:2013. Certified by CSI, test report 0041/DC/ACU/18_2 date 08/06/2018. Also certified by Cofrac/CSTB for noise reduction 18 dB.

Spa Hotel Monasterio San Clodio

Bastide du Peyrard · Grasse

Maritime Station · Salerno

DEGORDIAN offices · Zagreb

WAAGNER BIRO offices · Wien

CN Tower · Toronto

ETS Arquitectura · Granada