All Over the Rainbow


The latitudes of colour

Chromatic latitude has always been one of the strong points of rubber floorings. The kind of creative freedom that is part of the success rubber flooring have been enjoying since their introduction and has made them a privileged choice for many kind of projects.
In public spaces, the architects are called today to create a personality, an affective link between the user and the space, made of suggestions, emotions, the birth of a positive state of mind. When these tasks call, Artigo can provide trusted solutions with a collection that comprises more than 100 shades and designs.
An example comes from the Luigi Einaudi Campus in Turin: a “chromatic scale” of warm colours identifies the different floors of the Library. The Campus was designed by Foster & Partners, while the Library, dedicated to Norberto Bobbio, is by Camerana & Partners studio.

I am the gipsy, the acid green

One of the brightest icons of the Artigo collection, the “acid green” K72 was born as a design challenge, won time and again.
Born out of the collaboration with studio Sottsass Associati, Kayar is still a unique thing in the rubber floorings world, the successful and innovative fusion of rubber and natural coconut fibres. When defining the chromatic palette of the collection, Ettore Sottsass took one of his inspired-by-pop-culture turns and introduced the bold acid green shade.
In the following years, K72 has become a best seller and one of the most recognisable Artigo products in the world. The design of the Mercado de Abastos in the Spanish city of Alcañiz, by Cesar Rueda and Miquel Mariné, is based on the contrast between the traditional wooden roof and the playful light of the flooring.

Watch the children play

Colour in kindergartens and everywhere children play deserves a particular mention. Designers often use different colours to create a sense of motion and variety, making every room a different tale.
All the while, the Artigo collection makes it possibile to “paint” every floor with a delicate, nuanced colour, generating positive emotional reactions and a sense of protection: this is something very few materials outside of rubber floorings can ensure.
Psychological qualities that go hand in hand with “real” qualities like hygiene, Bstatic and safeness, all typical qualities of the Artigo collection.