Shades of Grey


Necessary neutrality

Considering the notion of Non-lieux (Non place) as theorised by Marc Augé in 1992, in the extent of public spaces as “containers” (“spaces of transience where the human beings remain anonymous”), one can find a concept of neutrality as a design feature. A “blank” space that “does not hold enough significance”, made to be “filled” by commercial activities or, sometimes, not be filled at all.
The Artigo collection comprises many ideas of grey, the universal colour: from the monochromatic surfaces to all the products featuring micro-granules and fibres. Each project can be characterised with some micro-texture. As in the case of Gimpo Airport International Terminal in Seoul, where our Zeus rubber flooring is features in four shades (one of which is a custom-made, grey with brown granules version).

The Concrete effect

The cafeteria of the Antioch High School features our exclusive rubber flooring Screed, with painted concrete look. The result is a dynamic, fluid composition that brings excitement in the students’ favorite place to relax and take a break.
Produced with our water-jet technology, the design is a mix of our Nd/Uni in the U108 yellow and Screed in two different shades of grey. One of the many “interpretations of grey” brought to life thanks to the Artigo collection.

Grey for Labs

Which are the places where neutrality and septicity are fundamental qualities? Surely chemical and medical laboratories. The new Biomedicum, the powerhouse for research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, features 20.000 sqm of our monochromatic Nd/Uni rubber flooring in a grey custom-made colour.
Architectural firm C.F. Møller was thus able to create a neutral space that benefits of all the hygienic and bacteriostatic properties of rubber.
Similar requirements are present in the design of kindergartens, where hygiene has to be guaranteed. Considering the case of the Creche Bastide du Peyrard, our contribution allowed for a safe, healthy and highly-characterised space.
Neutrality is also a synonym for visual rest, facilitating focus and reading – that is why many libraries and mediatheques choose our rubber floorings.
Such a variety, both on a design level and a functional one, turns the concept of “grey” into a wide variety of shades and meanings, always differing from each other, bringing to the forefront an exceptional potential in creativity.