Starless & Starry Black


Black as a creative tool

In contemporary architecture black is the key to exclusive looks and sophisticated elegance. Black as a background brings to life every color on the foreground, and is thus the perfect choice for exhibitions and museums.
In the Mobile Art Pavillon project by Zaha Hadid Architects, commissioned by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, our flooring Nd/Uni is used in order to create the sharpest contrast with the white walls, modeled in the “organic” curves that have become synonymous with the Iraqi-British architect.

Executive excellence

Communicating brand values in an institutional setting is paramount. Obviously, this communication works on many levels: rational and unconscious. Color is a powerful and effective tool.
The choice of “starry” black, lighted by bright granules (our rubber flooring Kayar designed by Sottsass Associati), is a perfect example. The setting is the restaurant of the new Mercedes HG in Rome, designed by MPPM Studio: the highest values in terms of corporate image and the exclusivity of the German car brand are perfectly matched in a convivial space.

Black for studying

A place devoted to studying today is requested to be conductive to positive vibes and an open mind. Architecture is called upon to create a space that makes studying easier. Black is the color of focus and silence, and proves to be a perfect choice for corridors as well as classes.
In the case of the Salt Lake Community College’s Westpoint Workforce Training & Education Center, a highly “technical” school, our black flooring (kayar again, with coconut fibers, designed by Sottsass Associati) matches perfectly with glass and metal to create a building devoted to motivation and commitment.
The flooring of the library in the Nord-Østerdal High School in Tense is entirely covered with our Granito: a “starry night” effect that became an instant favorite with the students, letting imagination run free.