Timeshare Nursery – Šmartno

nursery surfacing with rubber flooring Grain

“The Šmartno Timeshare Kindergarten was designed to encourage interaction, peer learning and self-learning”, says architect Jure Kotnik.

The first kindergarten in the Carinthia Region built entirely in wood, the building proves to be a low energy house, the full-wall timber construction from local wood ensuring the highest standard in sustainable construction.

Extensive insulation, high quality isolated windows and low energy consumption (below 32kWh/sqm) make the building energy efficient.

For this project we provided 760 sqm of our own Grain tiles in the HG120 color: a perfect choice in terms of sustainability and overall comfort of the space. The timeshare approach gives children the chance to enjoy an adjusted schedule according to their interests: there are more than 65 activity corners children can freely choose from.

The interior design follows the same philosophy: instead of eight similar playrooms, each room has different play equipment and learning environments.