Rubber floorings
in the design of


From visual appeal to infection control, rubber surfaces feature at the forefront in the design phase of healthcare facilities

From a design point of view, a hospital is a complex unity made of multiple elements

Through all these different requirements, Artigo rubber floorings offer tested and valid solutions. 

If you are looking for an igienic, resilient, good looking and easy-to-clean flooring for a hospital, artigo can be the answer!


When planning hospital facilities, resilience and durability are essential criteria, especially for areas subject to significant traffic and wear.

Artigo rubber flooring has demonstrated very high levels of resilience in multiple settings, offering demonstrable durability that often exceeds expectations and providing levels of walking comfort that surpass any other product.


Maintaining the highest possible level of hygiene is a crucial daily requirement in hospitals. Rigorous standards must be met, and a few open seams on the floor are enough to create a hotspot for bacteria.

Since we don’t use plasticisers that migrate over time, our rubber flooring doesn’t open at the seams. Furthermore, rubber has natural bacteriostatic properties, making it a strategic choice for hospitals.

The limited number of seams and the smooth surface makes our flooring easy to clean and sanitise. The practically monolithic surfaces created help avoid the contamination and proliferation of harmful bacteria. Our rubber flooring has a non-porous surface, which means it doesn’t offer spaces for bacteria to multiply.

Rubber flooring can be cleaned with great ease by trained personnel using professional products, responding to protocols for the control of hospital


The ability to recover from residual indentation is one of the major challenges of hospital flooring.

Indentation is typically present in patient rooms and is caused by furnishings such as beds, closets and appliances, which remain in place for extended periods of time and exert constant pressure on the flooring.

Our 2 mm thick rubber flooring has shown excellent indentation resistance in this setting while greater thicknesses are excellent for dampening the sound of footsteps and improving the acoustics of the environment.


Artigo rubber flooring complies with the main environmental certifications that regulate indoor emissions in Europe (Blue Angel in Germany, M1 in Finland) and in America (Greenguard Gold). Artigo flooring contributes to the creation of healthier interiors and qualifies for LEED and BREEAM credits for sustainable buildings.

“The world of healthcare is rapidly shifting its foundation: from patient-centred to patient-defined” says Heather Chung of SmithGroupJJR. “Patients are redefining convenience and accessibility, which in turn changes the services offered by healthcare providers”. The setting is changing, from the traditional hospital to the community or the neighbourhood, with an increasing number of front-line services.

There was a time when hospitals were built to serve for 50 years. These days off-campus clinics have a lifespan of 20 years or less. Thanks to the ease of installation, our rubber flooring is the ideal solution for projects that are subject to continuous change. At the end of its very long “life” a rubber floor can be considered solid urban waste, and proper disposal is easy.