The Colorful School

The New Innovative school in Greenfield Park, Quebec is a modern facility that combines two existing schools, to gather all grades from K-12 under the same roof.

architects Menkès Shooner Dagenais Letourneux 

total surface 46,651.77 FT


KAYAR  [K49 · K71 · K72 · K17 · K00 · K70 · K64]

GRAIN [HG116 · HG113]

ND/UNI [U108]

The architectural design of the building incorporates distinctive features that mirror the school’s modern teaching philosophy.

The facilities are spread over three-stores, oincluding classrooms, project rooms, common areas, a large library, a double gymnasium with a stage and a cooking workshop.

The common areas are meant to foster collaborative work and community involvement.

The central cafeteria is a large and bright space opened on two levels.

The tiered benches installed there serves as both additional seating and a connection from the ground floor to the first floor.

Color is a key factor to the whole project and the architects made the best possible use of the variety of colors of the Artigo collection: the school features 11 different shades of our floorings, for a total surface of more than 4000 sqm, combining Kayar, Nd/Uni and Grain creating an inspiring, vibrant and modern atmosphere.

Photos by Annie-Claude Bédard / Orphisme Photographie