Modern design flooring

Artigo Projects Worldwide

Rubber flooring designs for schools, hospitals, offices, museums, and many others types of structures. With its rubber cladding for floors, Artigo aims to offer professionals a series of solutions that match the contemporary approach to architectural spaces.

Modern design flooring for Healthcare
Modern design flooring for Laboratories
Modern design flooring for offices
Modern design flooring for museums
Modern design flooring for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias
Modern design flooring for airports

Artigo has built an exceptionally varied portfolio of collaborative projects, which continues to grow and reveals the company’s hand in creating modern rubber flooring solutions for places with massive flows of people, where specific functional needs go hand in hand with a search for modern and highly original solutions.

Joint projects by Artigo and specialist architectural firms have created hospitals, schools, universities, libraries and offices with new layouts inspired by the most modern approach to public spaces.

Thanks to Artigo’s experience and own exclusive technology, its entire range of designer flooring solutions stands out for its exceptional quality and special attention to the functional and aesthetic needs of planners as they design very busy areas.

Rubber flooring solutions have been a defining feature of modernity from the moment they were invented in the early 20th century, when they offered a continuous, waterproof covering for floors for the first time. As a surface, they are incredibly customisable in their appearance compared to traditional materials.

Artigo’s continuous search for new solutions for modern indoor flooring has led to collaborations with important planners and designers, including Ponti, Albini, Mollino and Sottsass Associati.

The collection of Artigo interior rubber flooring solutions with a modern design includes exclusive products like Kayar, which blends rubber with natural coconut fibre, or Screed, the result of a mix of materials, some renewable. Artigo can also produce custom versions of its products, offering architectural firms the freedom they need to make their creative vision come to life.