Agora Sociocultural Center - A Coruña

Surfacing cultural center with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

An Agora must be an accessible and open space for people’s meeting and their civic expression. In the words of architects Rojo/Fernandez Shaw, this cultural centre “represents a forward step in the natural and agricultural landscape domestication that surrounds A Coruña”.

“We worked with a built architecture that is related with landscape and iconographic simulation, with the goal of preserving the natural and rural ambient memory that now characterizes it and that is the identity of Galicia”.

Magic Mountain, the actual name of the center, is offered to be a vegetal and protective shell in which architecture integrates the city and its surrounding, so that history and traditions of a region are remembered and linked to natural and rural environment, promoting the idea of a city based on sustainability and balance.

Agora is a container, a box, but with form. That’s why it looks like a box: a perimeter with a metallic structure that allows large free spaces and horizontal built platforms with prefabricated systems: reinforced concrete decks and beams, laminated wood beams and sandwich wood panels and our own Nd/Uni rubber flooring in the colours U54- U11-U13-U18 for a total surface of 6100 sqm.

As a consequence of these structural and constructive systems, the result is an open space, almost without form, suitable for each use.