Alexander von Humboldt Schule - Viernheim

School surfacing with rubber floorings Granito and Kayar

Named after the scientist and explorer who in the XIX century laid the foundation for what nowadays we cannot live without – weather forecasting, the Alexander von Humboldt school is a cooperative comprehensive school, covering grades from 5 to 12 “all under the same roof”.

Our involvement was mainly concentrated in the newly-built Cafeteria with our Kayar range, but as is customary with our range of products, we also took care of corridors and some common areas.

Usually in these kinds of buildings there is the need for clear, immediate indications of class numbers, sections and directions: this is where our rubber flooring can provide some interesting solutions, with the possibility of highly-precise inlaid graphic elements such as numbers and symbols.

In this case the inlay is made combining Kayar K72 and Granito G308. Made with the use of water-cutting technology, the logos or letters are inlaid within the floor’s thickness, in a perfectly coherent, “one-piece” installation, and therefore immune to dust, leaks and premature wear.