Uffici l’Artigiana – Cuneo, Italia

Office flooring with smooth rubber floors Multifloor Nd-Uni.

When a company with over forty years of experience in graphic design decides to renovate its premises, it pays close attention to the chromatic and volumetric harmonies within the architectural project that should represent it. L’Artigiana, born in Alba in 1971 as a laboratory for the production of small artisanal crafts made with printing presses, has become over the years a cutting-edge graphics company, capable of providing a comprehensive service to businesses and local institutions for the production of editorial and advertising material. The industrial building containing the printing technology today appears as a series of juxtaposed slabs in prefabricated concrete. The architectural expression of the new space is meant to represent the level of technology reached in modern printing techniques: a shell-like casing, very similar to an origami, covering the three levels of living spaces. The gray tone of the outer coating varies considerably according to the shade of the sky reflected on it. The glass surfaces are characterized by multiple layers with “effects” of great transparency, assuring at the same time low-emissivity to promote energy savings.For the internal surfaces strong colours were chosen, thus emphasizing the origami effect of the spaces.