BNL/BNP Paribas Diamond Tower – Milano

Office surfacing with rubber flooring ND/UNI

The historic, former industrial area of Porta Nuova in Milano has recently transformed into the city’s most futuristic district, redesigning and redefining both its skyline and character.
The Porta Nuova Business District finds its heart in the aptly-named Diamant Tower, a certified Leed Gold which is the new BNP Paribas office building.

“The Diamond” is 28 stories high and has a total surface of 30.000 sqm, with a capacity of 2100 workstations, most of which are operated as shared desks. The interior design project, curated jointly by Architect Paolo Mantero and NEXT Urban Solutions, reflects a contemporary approach to workspace design, with a wide variety of support, relax and free-interaction areas located on each floor.

From these “break rooms”, the occupants can enjoy a fabulous view on the surrounding city.

Particularly interesting is the an innovative BNL Subsidiary, a restaurant/cafe/third place: a hybrid space, ideal for a quick lunch break or informal meetings. It is notably here that we focused our contribution to the project.

As is customary in modern office spaces, our Nd/Uni Loose Lay flooring was used to guarantee comfort and practicality to all users.

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