Casa Blu / Olivetti headquarters

Office surfacing and stairs with rubber floorings Grain and BS Classic

In the 1950s Adriano Olivetti decided to create a new, detached architectural body dedicated to R&D.

And so the Blu House came to be, designed by Eduardo Vittoria and Pier Achille Caponago del Monte: a remarkable achievement of rationalism, featuring a unique cladding of blue tiles.

Equally notable, in the interiors, is the grand staircase, with steps still covered today with our BS Classic studded rubber steps.

The four asymmetrical wings were designed to reflect the four main product lines of the company at the time: typing machines, computers, telex and calculators.

Ettore Sottsass Jr and Marco Zanini directed a first refurbishment in 2001, when the building became the home of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

Casa Blu is one of the buildings forming part of the UNESCO World Heritage site “Ivrea, Industrial City of the 20th Century”. A new intervention, a project of restoration and restructuring while, at the same time, respecting the building’s integrity and authenticity, saw the implementation of our Grain rubber flooring, for a total surface of 505 sqm.

Since November 2019 Casa Blu is the Headquarters of Olivetti, hosting approximately 80 people.