City Library - Mölndal

Library surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

“A modern library should be an attractive place, where people can exchange stories and information” say architects Linda Andersson and Pierre Hagerlund of Fredblad Arkitekter. “As a visitor, you are welcomed into a vibrant and dynamic library that overwhelms with varied exposure and activities that inspire and engage”.

The architectural solutions are based on a general contemporary and flexible foundation, that allows for a changing interior design, able to adapt to future needs.

The interior is distinguished by innovative solutions, durability and good material choices, wood, concrete, glass, metal and our own Kayar rubber flooring. Kayar was used mainly in the back offices and lunch room, yet the Architects chose a wide palette of 5 colours (K61, K74, K71, K72, K103) for a total surface of more than 500 sqm.

photo credits: Fredblad Arkitekter AB