Degordian Offices – Zagreb

Office surfacing with rubber flooring ND/UNI

Degordian is an independent digital production and marketing agency with 8 years of experience in creating award-winning digital products. The company has recently unveiled the new headquarters in Zagreb: a unique workspace that spreads across 1300 sqm and two floors offering, in their words, “unique design elements and successfully combining togetherness, collaboration, education, entertainment, and comfort”.

The interior design project by architects Tea Ujevic and Irena Vojnovic has the primary task to create an informal working space, and give it a character.

The focus was placed on the floor, as the only element that could be “personalized” to the utmost.

Enter our own Nd/Uni in four different colors, cut into geometric shapes that intersect through the floor plan. By using this tonal segmentation, the uniformity of the horizontal surface was eliminated.

The office itself is designed as an open-space; closed rooms are used for meetings (internal and external), while work desks are clustered into “work units”.

The boundaries between the open and closed space are dynamic, as they’re broken with barrier walls that go out of the expected orthogonal system.

Boundaries are further dematerialized using sloped glass panels that ultimately wipe user’s awareness of what’s inside and what’s out.

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