Douglas College – Vancouver

University surfacing with rubber flooring Grain

Douglas College’s namesake is the father of modern British Columbia, Sir James Douglas. A testament to the power of education and perseverance, Douglas—illegitimate, mixed-race, and born in a rough area—climbed the corporate and political ladder to become B.C.’s first governor.

Founded in 1970, the college emphasizes inclusivity and support for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and today is one of the largest public colleges in British Columbia.

The Concourse in New Westminster Campus, the grand entrance hall facing 8th Street, is – as is to be expected – one of the College’s liveliest points, where college social life really comes to flourish.

The refurbishment was inspired by the natural lighting which floods The Concourse from the glass facade.  We choose our Grain flooring in three colours – bathed in sunlight, it is a stunning addition to phenomenal architecture.

Curved lines in the lower deck give way to a more geometric design in the higher level.  Combine this with classic red brick walls, and the result is a relaxed yet bustling atmosphere.

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