Hadid Chanel – Parigi, Francia

After a long tour touching the cutting edge cities of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, Zaha Hadid’s mobile art pavilion has found its permanent home outside the “Institute du Monde Arabe” in Paris. The pavilion, commissioned by Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld, initially hosted an exhibition of artworks inspired by Chanel bags by 20 artists and called Mobile Art. Subsequently donated by Chanel to the IMA institute it is going to be used to promote cultural programs and to host several exhibitions and happenings promoting the best talents from the Arab countries. The pavilion is a perfect marriage between of the iconic smooth flow of lines marking Zaha Hadid’s style and Chanel’s typical elegance. Thanks to the new digital modelling tools the unit becomes a living sculpture far away from the typical idea of “building”. Its form looks like is always turning into something different. Every step you make around pavilion, it changes its form naturally and sensually, in stark but pleasant contrast with the rigid order and repetition of the nearby Jean Nouvel’s IMA building. This richness of forms and spaces finds a mirror in the interior of the structure, where the need of multifunctional versatility had been developed with a series of arch shaped elements well underlined by artificial lighting softly laying on the walls. The exterior is connected to the interior also by a large opening in the roof letting the sun light flood the black and white interiors and illuminate the large central courtyard that can be a meeting point for visitor during an exhibition as well as hosting events by itself.