Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School – Sudbury

School surfacing with rubber flooring Grain

From the moment people walk through the front doors of the Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School, they know they are in a special place. “With the modern technology and architecture, the Holy Cross Elementary School embodies the latest ideology for schools of the 21st Century,” says Denis Faucher, manager of facility services. “The main foyer is designed with an open atrium. And from the start, this has created a sense of pride and ownership for everyone,” says Faucher. “The foyer will act as the hub of all central activities and the numerous windows allow a perfect view into the adjacent lower gymnasium.” All classrooms are focused towards the expansive natural southern views at the rear of the property. A daycare facility is provided within the school as a separate entity. The open main entrance will act as the hub of all central activities. Its large, airy design is in direct contrast to the traditional low entry points of previous elementary school design. Wheelchair accessibility was also incorporated to all areas of the school. In order to maintain a sanitary environment for the young students, our own Grain flooring was installed. Its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties are not only beneficial on a health level but the attractive colors made for eye-catching designs as well. Color cueing and large patterns were created to facilitate directions. From a budget stand point, the Artigo floor is low maintenance and it is environmentally friendly, since there is no need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process.