JAZZ communication

Office surfacing with rubber flooring BS Classic

Jazz is creative agency in Bucharest, established in 2012. The original HQ was in an intimate old villa, but recently the studio moved to a typical office building in central Bucharest.

In order to preserve the intimacy and homey atmosphere in a new, “colder” space, Architect Corvin Cristian created a series of partitions, conveying an impression of little houses through an artisan feel.

The kitchenette – perfectly completed by the unique ”tableware” chairs – is the biggest and brightest space, a true social mix-use hub as outside lunch hours it functions as an informal workspace and meeting area. It can change into active relaxation as the communal table can accommodate a ping-pong game in no time, “if all interested parties agree”.

It is also the space where our iconic BS Classic brings its unique “pop art” feeling to the space, thanks also to the bright orange Y507 shade. Assuring the best comfort and contributing to the acoustics of the workspace, this easy to maintain product offers the greatest creative freedom, being a must-have component in office design.


Architectural Design by Cristian Corvin Studio