Kinderhaus St. Elisabeth - Stuttgart

Kindergarten surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

Amid a renovated city block, the three separate buildings of the St. Elisabeth day-care centre offer a home away from home to children.

The architects from schleicher.ragaller conceptualize the project as a small city. A broad diversity of spaces with differing qualities are structured around paths, bridges and squares, making the Kinderhaus St. Elisabeth “a small-scale adventure area”.

In this scheme, the new building takes on the role of a distribution centre. The foyer on the lower level is virtually vacant apart from the cloakroom. Upstairs, everything is arranged around an open gallery which allows angles of view through the new part and leads to the group spaces in the existing components.

The choice of materials favours a combination of roughness and security. Combined with white walls and unplastered exposed concrete, the brick and other surfaces of the existing structures feature a fascinating contrast of old and new.

The yellow rubber flooring at ground level, our own Nd/Uni in U108 color, gleams even for visitors outside and creates a bright, friendly ambience.

The project was rewarded with a Hugo-Haering-Prize for Architecture 2017.


photo credits Zooey Braun