Lyceum Topsport – Antwerp

School rubber surfacing with smooth flooring Nd/Uni

In the words of open design platform Compagnie-O, the Topsportschool is a ‘machine à exceller’. “Athletes are often slightly narcissistic and voyeuristic, obsessed with their body, performance and ranking. In response, the inside of the building is one of both reflective and transparent surfaces and open views – one is simultaneously observer and observant”.

The 5600 sqm passive building, which includes a school section and extensive sports infrastructure, accommodates around 200 students.

The sports hall, the judo and taekwondo hall and the associated rooms such as fitness and refectory are housed in the concrete base of the building. They are rather closed, shielded concrete rooms, where top athletes can fully focus on their athletic performance. In the upper “disc” are the classrooms of the school behind a full, floor-high glazed façade with a patio at the center of the disc. The changing composition of the glass creates a varying façade, sometimes slightly transparent to fully reflective.

For the interiors, the designers made a very original use of our rubber tiles, using the 30-color Nd/Uni collection in different shades to create geometric compositions, adding a “sportsman-like” dynamic feel to the floors as well.